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New Patients

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New patients at Precision Spine Specialists Franklin TN


1st Visit:

Are you a Candidate for Upper Cervical Care?
Your thorough initial visit is approximately 2 hours.

Entrance Paperwork:

This is important for the doctor to determine the extent of your problem. Paperwork can be filled out online for your convenience.


The doctor will sit down and listen to you to see if you qualify for care.


A thorough examination evaluating your spine and nervous system will be done. We use a variety of objective technologies to identify the significance of the cause of the problem.


If structural misalignment is found, x-rays are obtained to determine the precise degree of spinal misalignment. This information is vital to correcting the root of the problem.

Test Adjustment:

Once the misalignment is measured and explained, the doctor will make a gentle, specific, correction to the spine and verify results on post adjustment x-ray.

Follow Up Visit:

Once the initial visit is complete, your first follow-up visit is scheduled. On this visit, the doctor objectively evaluates how you held the correction in place, review your care plan, and confirm progress.

Proven Care:

When you call Precision Spine Specialists, you will be speaking with a patient care specialist. They can help you with questions about care, assist with scheduling, explain our insurance policy, and much more. We are here to serve you and help you be successful in your care.

The Road to optimal health at Precision Spine Specialists in Franklin TN



Pain and suffering is a motivator for people to seek help. In many cases, pain is usually the last thing to occur, even after months or years of a trauma. That is why it is important to seek care whether pain is present or not.


Holding the correction is the foundation for your body to start the process of healing. Holding = Healing. It’s not about the number of visits or adjustment made to the spine. We commit to seeing you as few times as possible. Stability starts at different times for different people. The key is to follow recommendations in order to achieve relief as soon as possible. Please review and ask questions about the folders given to you on your first 2 visits.


Once your body stabilizes you will be evaluated to determine progress. There are many things you can do to enhance your recovery that will be discussed.


Bottom line – Time is the key here. Healing takes time. Muscles take 4-6 weeks, ligaments take 6-8 weeks, and nerves take 3-4 months to heal. We will be monitoring your spine and nervous system along this process to make sure your body heals properly.

Optimal Health:

Seasonal Checkups are important to maintain and continue to improve overall health. Depending on how long your misalignment has been present and the trauma involved will typically determine what your optimum will be. The doctor will give you a realistic view of what you can achieve. Our team is here to guide you in this process. Invest in your health. You’re worth it!

Scheduling your first appointment is easy

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